17 December 2015

New Group CEO for Executives' Global Network

From a Danish company with international activities to an international corporation with Danish roots. It will be up to 45-year-old Jonatan Åge Persson to make this transformation when he takes over the position as Group CEO for EGN, Executives’ Global Network per 1st of January.

He will be in charge of transforming and internationalising the network, which in recent years has grown into the second largest in the world, with a total of 14,000 executives, managers and other key personnel gathered from 750 confidential network groups in 14 countries. The growth will be further accelerated with the establishment of networks in new markets both inside and outside Europe.

Major potential for the network

‘There is a huge global potential for the network. Our members represent over 60 different management functions in 6,800 companies worldwide. We will better promote and utilise the unique interdisciplinary approach as we move forward – and we will specialise even more in our many target groups and segments, so that we become the preferred choice’, he says.

Since 2013 Jonatan Åge Persson has acted as Group COO and has himself been a member of the EGN network group for managers for eight years, so he has thorough knowledge of the product. He emphasises that internationalisation is very good for the members.

‘The network increasingly adds inspiration and development across borders. We improve the ability to make contact with other managers and experts in the same fields in other countries. It is a huge strength for current members’, he says.

"Nothing can replace physical meetings between people who share knowledge and coach each other.

The physical meeting is still in the centre

‘Executives’ Global Network was founded in Denmark in 1992 with the purpose of forming relationships and sharing knowledge between business leaders. We don’t want to change that – but based on our history and our values, we have to prepare the company for a global and digital reality’, he says and adds that this also entails an increased focus on knowledge sharing via digital channels:

‘Nothing can replace physical meetings between people who share knowledge and coach each other. But we can do better to support knowledge sharing with digital tools – across both national borders and disciplines. This way we can create personal, professional and economic value for our members and the companies they represent’, he says.

Before Jonathan Aage Persson started at Netværk Danmark and Executives' Global Network in 2013, he was international director of Albatros Travel with the responsibility for expanding into several new markets. He has a background as a management consultant, business psychologist, Olympic sailor and boat builder and has worked longer periods abroad in Argentina, Italy and Austria.

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